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Dr. Mohamed Abdulsalam

IAC Director

PhD in Linguistics from Hull University in 2014 (UK).

A researcher in Biomedical Engineering (Cardiovascular deceases) at Manchester Metropolitan University (UK).
MSc in Renewable and sustainable at Manchester Metropolitan in 2016 (UK). MSc in Design and production engineering at University of Hoon in 2008 (Libya). Expert and interested in IELTS since 2011.


Mrs. Christina Hoyle

Head of Academic Department

I started teaching English in 2014, working for over 3 years in Osaka, Japan. Following this, I returned to the UK where I successfully completed a CELTA course with a pass B. I then taught English in Poland and Italy, until I returned to the UK in 2019 to enrol on an MA course, TESOL and Applied Linguistics at Manchester Metropolitan University. I excelled, graduating with a distinction. Since then I have taught in the UK and mostly online as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. This led me to accept the Head of Academic Department position at IAC. I am a passionate and dedicated teacher. I endeavour to help students achieve their language goals, use English to propel their careers, and enjoy learning.

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